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Sample Puzzles

Try out the following puzzles from 2014's ACPT before signing up for this year's event.  They'll give you an idea of the difficulty of the tournament puzzles this year as well as give you an opportunity to ensure that the AmuseLabs interface works on your computer.

Here are some solving tips:

  • If you want to be a speed solver, make sure you solve on a desktop or laptop. You can solve on a tablet, but not a mobile phone.

  • After solving, enter your email address when requested so that we can track your scores on our Standings page.

  • Be sure to submit your puzzle before the time is up.​

    • When you have 10 seconds left on the puzzle, the timer will turn red. We also hope to have a "beep" at one minute left and another "beep" at 10 seconds remaining.

    • If you go into negative solving time, you will receive a zero on your puzzle!


  • If you have already registered for the virtual event and find that you can't solve the puzzles to your satisfaction - whether related to your computer/laptop/tablet or for any other reason, please fill out the Contact form and ask for a refund. We will be happy to refund your full registration fee if you contact us by Friday, March 31 before 8pm ET.


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