FAQs - as of April 18 - more to come so check back often!


How do I access the livestream?


The entire weekend will be held virtually. To access the livestream please go to https://events.waveform.gg/acpt2021 and enter your name - any name you want to be represented by - it doesn't need to match your ticket - and your ACPT code. The festivities will begin at Friday, April 23rd at 8:00 PM ET. 


The livestream will include Will Shortz on location in the Pavilion at the Stamford Marriott Hotel. He will host all the events from the Friday night games and activities through the Sunday playoffs, including the tournament puzzles themselves. Even though he will be in Stamford, the games and puzzles will be virtual. (You are welcome to join Will in Stamford, but if you do, bring your laptop.)


On Saturday night there will be virtual game rooms that you can join and play with friends! See HERE for the list of virtual game rooms. 

How and when do I log in???

The live stream will be available starting Friday night around 8pm. You cannot log in before then.

There are two fields on the livestream site to fill in:

  1. Name - this is whatever name you want to be known by in case you want to join in the live chat

  2. Password - this is your ACPT Code (see below)

What is my ACPT code and why do I need it?


Your ACPT Code is your Order Number.

You will use it as:

  • your password for the livestream (see above)

  • the code you enter when you start solving the tournament puzzles - it identifies you in the puzzle system and allows us to apply your score to your name

How do I find my order number?

   Pre-step 1 - log into acptonline.com with the email address and password you set up when you bought your ticket

  1. Click on your name in the header and select My Account

  2. Click on Events in the left navigation

  3. Open the Event by clicking on the arrow

  4. Find your Order #. Write it down. 

Keep reading for even more tips.


Where do I enter my ACPT Code?

  • On Friday, Saturday, and Sunday, you will use your ACPT Code to access the Livestream of the tournament.

  • When Will is ready to start each puzzle, he will say something like "3, 2, 1, GO"

  • A link to the puzzle will appear in the Livestream Chat window

  • Click on the link to open the puzzle

  • Pro Tip: Make sure your favorite browser is set as your default browser so that the link opens in the browser of your choice

  • Pro Tip: Be logged into the acptonline.com website with your Member login (email/password) before the tournament starts

  • When the puzzle appears, there will be an ACPT Code box where you will enter your ACPT Code to start solving

  • The timer begins as soon as the page is loaded - even when the ACPT Code box is on the page - which is why you want to enter the code as quickly as possible.

Do I have to start the puzzle right away or do I just need to start before time is up?

  • You need to start within the first minute after the clock starts
  • The scoring team will be making sure that everyone starts and ends within the timeframe of the puzzle (yes, even in a virtual tournament there are two experienced judges making sure everything goes smoothly) 
2-acpt code box.JPG

How are the puzzles scored?

For all the puzzle scoring information and rules of the tournament, click here.

Are there Sample puzzles?

There are! Click on the Sample Puzzles link in the header to sign up and solve the sample puzzles.

How does Pairs solving work?

For much more detail on ACPT Pairs solving, visit the ACPT Pairs Solving Information page.

For Pairs solving:

  • there is only one member login with Solver credentials

    • If you are not together, you can both log into the site with the same username and password to access the puzzle​s

  • Only one solver will submit the puzzle

    • Only the solver submitting the puzzle enters the ACPT code at the beginning of the puzzle and fills in the grid

    • If the pair is not together, the second solver can also work the puzzle, but will just click the Start button to start solving

    • Both team members will communicate through some means - by being in the same room, or by phone, Facetime, Google hangout, whatever you find easiest!

    • When the puzzle is complete or time is running out, the solver who entered the ACPT code will submit the puzzle. The second solver can close their browser window

    • You can switch off who the "designated puzzle submitter" is between puzzles

More questions? Contact Us with them!