Saturday Night Virtual Game Rooms


How do they work?

The game rooms are Google chat rooms. They will be linked to from this page when available.


People click on them to join. There is no max to how many people can join. However it is similar to talking at a table of people. If more than 10 people are talking all at once or have their microphones open it will get loud and chaotic. 


There will be one iteration of each game room. The games each last 30 minutes and then everyone can move onto a new game room.

There's still time to get in your ideas to host a room. Submit your idea today!


Judy Cole

  • Team game in which each team has a “spymaster” giving one-word clues that can point to multiple words on the board.

  • Attendance limited to 10 per session.


Confessions of a Crossword Junkie

Stuart Ockman

  • A PowerPoint presentation on the presenter’s experience as a crossword constructor, including correspondence with Will Shortz


Cryptic Block Party

Mike Selinker

  • A new puzzle game in which participants are given cryptic clues whose words have been combined and rearranged. The first team to untangle everything wins each round.


Decrypting the Cryptic

Stella Zawistowski

  • An introduction to cryptic crosswords -- how the clues work, explanations of clue types, and examples to solve. Also where to go to find cryptics.

  • Attendance limited to 15 per session

Dr. Fill Roundtable

Matt Ginsberg, Jonathan Schaeffer and Dan Klein

  • Continue the discussion of how Dr. Fill did on this year's puzzles, what it all means, and so on. We'll be happy to answer your questions, as well.

  • Unlimited attendance and open for as long as there is interest.


How to Construct a Crossword

Ross Trudeau

  • “Live-constructing” a puzzle from start to finish -- theme idea, theme set, grid, fill, and clues -- with group input.

  • Attendance limited to 10 per session


LGBTQ+ Hangout

Nate Cardin

  • Spelling Bee and other word games with other LGBTQ+ participants.


A Night of Crossword Comedy

Adam Nicolle

  • Stand-up comedy based on crossword puzzles.


The Puzzlemaster Presents

Will Shortz

  • Audience-participation puzzles from “Weekend Edition Sunday.”



Emily Emery

  • Team game with illustrators and guessers. Based on the boxed game from Winning Moves.

  • Attendance limited to 20 per session



Beyond Wordplay

  • A game based on names and phrases that contain each of the vowels exactly once -- like “April Twenty-Fourth,” appropriately enough.