Solving Tips

Get prepared for solving the sample puzzles.

  • If you want to be a speed solver, make sure you solve on a desktop or laptop. You can solve on a tablet, but not a mobile phone.

  • After solving, enter your email address when requested so that we can track your scores on our Standings page.

  • Be sure to submit your puzzle before the time is up.​

    • When you have 10 seconds left on the puzzle, the timer will turn red. We also hope to have a "beep" at one minute left and another "beep" at 10 seconds remaining.

    • If you go into negative solving time, you will receive a zero on your puzzle!

  • If you have already purchased a ticket and find that you can't solve the puzzles to your satisfaction - whether related to your computer/laptop/tablet or for any other reason, please fill out the Contact form and ask for a refund. We will be happy to refund your full ticket price if you contact us by Friday, April 1 before 8pm ET.