Pairs Solving Information

The following is the contents of a mailing sent to Pairs solvers on 4/22/2021

Hello to all the Pairs solvers!

We're so excited to have you all participating for the very first Pairs competition in ACPT history.

Please share this email with your solving partner (we only have one email address for the two of you).

Since Pairs are special, here are some tips to get you through the weekend. Please let me know if you have any questions by emailing me at


We know that you and your partner may not be in the same physical location. So, if you both plan to log into the Live Stream website, you will need to do the following to get into the live stream at

  • One person will use their Order Number as their ACPT Code

    • example: FXT1-ARAD-4N

  • The other person will add a P to the end of that code

    • example: FXT1-ARAD-4NP

We will be sending both codes to the Live Stream folks and they will enter them as your passcodes


This has been explained in our FAQs but I want to reiterate how this works. This pertains to those of you who will be solving on separate computers.

There are three things you will need to do if you are solving in different locations.

  1. Establish your personal link with each other, via phone or facetime or however you've worked it out to solve separately

  2. Log into with the email address and password that was used to purchase the tickets. You will both log in with the same information. This user has has been designated as the Solver and will have permission to the puzzles

  3. Join the livestream, signing in with the ACPT Code and the ACPT Code + the P


Simple, right??!!

When Will says "Ready, Set, Go," the link to the puzzle will be dropped into the Global Chat in the livestream. You can both click on it.

What next??

  • One of you will enter in your ACPT Code (the one without the P) and the other will simply click the Start button.

  • You will work together via your personal link to figure out the clues and the designated solver will enter the answers in the grid.

  • You can both fill out your grid, but make sure you tell the designated solver if you have an answer to a clue. The puzzle grids are not linked - what one of you types in does not show up in the other person's puzzle grid!

  • Once you are all done, hit Submit!


What could be easier!?

I'm sure we will find ways to improve this system in future tournaments.  Think of yourselves as pioneers, forging a path to a better future. I would love to hear your feedback when it's all done.

So, share this email with your solving partner, prepare your solving strategy, find your ACPT Code, add a P to the end of one of them for your partner, practice logging into with the same username and password and you'll be in perfect shape for that "Ready, Set, GO!"

Enjoy the weekend!

Nancy Parsons
Tournament Coordinator