Pairs Solving Information

Hello to all the Pairs solvers!

Since Pairs are special, here are some tips to get you through the weekend. Please let us know if you have any questions by contacting us.


This has been explained in our FAQs but we want to reiterate how this works. This pertains to those of you who will be solving on separate computers.

There are three things you will need to do if you are solving in different locations.

  1. Establish your personal link with each other, via phone or Facetime or however you've worked it out to solve separately

  2. Log into with the email address and password that was used to purchase the tickets. You will both log in with the same information. This user has has been designated as the Solver and will have permission to access the puzzles

  3. Feel free to watch the livestream as you solve on this site


Simple, right??!!

When Will says "Ready, Set, Go," the link to the puzzle will become live on the Puzzles page. You both can click on it.

What next??

  • You will work together via your personal link to figure out the clues and the designated solver will enter the answers in the grid.

  • You can both fill out your grid, but make sure you tell the designated solver if you have an answer to a clue. The puzzle grids are not linked - what one of you types in does not show up in the other person's puzzle grid!

  • Once you are all done, only one of you will hit Submit and enter the email address you used to register for this site and buy tickets to the virtual competition.  The other can just close their browser window.

Good luck and have fun!!